ZVI Yaniv

About Zvi Yaniv

A prolific inventor and scientist, to date Dr. Zvi  Yaniv has received over 300 patents, primarily in the fields of liquid crystal displays, image digitizers and nanotechnology. As a creative entrepreneur, he founded and managed a number of companies devoted to research and development. He has been recognized by colleagues world-wide and is the recipient of numerous awards for his inventions.

      Dr. Zvi Yaniv is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Technology Generator, Inc., a well known technology think tank in Austin, Texas.    Read More...

Business Endeavors

The Symbiotic Relationship between Nanotechnology and Creativity

Dr. Yaniv believes a symbiotic relationship exists between creativity and nanotechnology that is defining the new contours of our times.  We have entered a conceptual age where creative forces are producing new businesses and technologies, most remarkably in nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is deemed the human race’s greatest scientific achievement yet, while completely changing every aspect of the way we live.     Read More...